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Spring EGGstravaganza

Toddler Preschool Spring Egg Hunt

The Barn's Little Hoppers

To celebrate the joys of Spring The Barn's Little Hoppers and their families gathered together to hunt for and collect treasure-filled eggs! It was a beautiful day for our community (children, family, and staff) to share an experience and delight in the season. Everybunny loved showing off their impressive egg hunting skills and sharing their favorite activities to engage in while at school with their families!

Each egg held either a fun sticker pack or a small tub of Playdoh.

Eggstra Fun

Once all of the eggs had been discovered the fun didn't end! The rest of the morning was spent playing, drawing, and chatting as families had the chance to get to know each other.

Toddler Appropriate (and candy-free) Goodies

Each child went home with a Spring inspired goody bucket free of chocolate and candy. Instead, they held age-appropriate treats without the crash of sweets!

Inside the Buckets

  • Cerebelly Smart Bar

  • Plum Organics Just Carrots Pouch

  • Crayons

  • Hot Wheels Car

  • Hand written note

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