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Our Story

Hello and welcome to The Barn!  

As an educator and mother during these uncertain times, the need for a safe space for children to be children without sacrificing the quality of their education weighed heavily.  In response, The Barn was created to relieve the stress on local families and to provide a safe, enriching environment for our young children.  With a focus on outdoor exploration and a limited class size of six children in a pod, The Barn is able to offer children’s safety and individual attention.  Nestled in the beautiful Aptos Hills near Aptos High School we are easily accessible while being separate from the traffic of town.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nurture and support children's cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional development through high-quality professional care.

Core Values

At The Barn we value the unique individuality of every child and family and strive to always provide the highest quality of care through developmentally appropriate teaching practices, consistent communication, and mutual respect.


At The Barn we believe that nurturing young learners cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth through enriching learning experiences establishes confident, curious, and compassionate children.  Children’s interests guide curriculum as they explore their world through discovery, discussion, play, and hands on activities. Building a foundation for independence, cooperation, and a deep love for learning supports children’s later success and school preparedness before they enter kindergarten.

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